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Elevation Profile

This map and elevation profile, published in 2008 by the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club, consists of data collected via GPS (Global Positioning System) while hiking the Trail. The map is an overview of the trail showing road access and mileages between access points and shelters. The elevation profiles show the amount of elevation change between points and were made from detailed 3D GPS data.

Interactive Maps for Georgia Appalachian Trail

Google Earth Map - 1

This data consists of the trail route as well as trail features, such as water and campsite, which have been grouped by type for selective viewing.  In the Google Earth presentation, all side trails which connect to the AT are included. You can view information on a trail feature by clicking on its icon. Photographs are included for some features.  The Google Maps version can be viewed with a web browser.  The Google Earth version can be viewed with either the Google Earth application or a web browser plug-in from Google.

Directions: After clicking on the link below, trail features can be selected using the check boxes. The map can be zoomed in to view detail including Forest Service roads. You can select between Map, Satellite, and Terrain views.
Georgia Appalachian Trail For Google Maps

Google AT Map















Google Earth Map - 2

The following link views the Georgia AT Trail data using Google Earth which is a powerful 3D viewer which allows viewing images of the entire earth. This free application is available from Google.  (The Viewer must be downloaded and installed before using the following link.  On a Mac the link will download a file to your Desktop which when opened will launch the Viewer)  This data will appear in the "Temporary Places" section of the Places window.  You can expand the lists and select the detail you want to see.  Georgia Appalachian Trail For Google Earth

AT Google Map



About This Data

This data was gathered by volunteers from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club over a number of years.  It is believed to be accurate but there is always the possibility of errors or omissions.  The trail route is updated soon after changes in the trail.  We are continuing to gather and refine data on trail features.  We suggest for planning trips on the AT that you use the guide books and maps produced by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  For access to the AT from Forest Service roads, consult the Chattahoochee National Forest Map available from the USFS and outdoor stores as well as a PDF version on the web.